Automobile Dent Repair Technology

Automobile Dent Repair
As the name suggests, car sunken repair is to repair the sunken part of the car paint to the original state. In general, the acute and obtuse angle depressions can reach the original state. The main reason is that the depression without paint falling can be repaired as before, the hail pit can be repaired, and the corners and ab columns are not easy to repair.

Repair Technology

Traditional sheet metal repair

Sheet metal repair is to repair the deformed part of the automobile metal shell. For example, if the car body shell is hit with a pit, it can be restored to its original state through the sheet metal, and then the deformed automobile metal surface can be restored to the same brightness as other intact places by spraying special paint.

General process of body and paint

*Sheet metal correction

*Scraping (Molding)

*Automobile body and paint

Oxygen primer is also used to prevent rust of iron sheet

Scrape and polish the atomic ash, and level the vehicle body surface

Spray and polish the primer to increase the adhesion of color paint

Spray color paint to restore the surface color of vehicle paint

Spray varnish and protective paint to increase the surface hardness and brightness of vehicle paint

*Body and paint finish

Definition of automobile dent repair

Automobile dent repair is based on the principles of optics, physics and mechanics. It adopts the lever principle to repair the dents of different sizes and depths on the vehicle body due to various external reasons. The premise is that the paint surface of the vehicle body is not damaged and the metal surface is not too stretched. It is a modern process. Automobile depression repair technology is an international advanced technology for repairing various depressions formed in various parts of the automobile appearance due to the impact of external forces. This technology also greatly shortens the repair time (a depression repair takes about 20-40 minutes) and greatly reduces the cost (only about 50% of the traditional sheet metal and paint). Moreover, the sunken part repaired by this technology will never deform and fade, completely making the vehicle show the original style again. The repair range of cars produced all over the world, whether they are "Sunken" such as door mechanism cover, front wing and rear compartment cover, is more than 90%. Make the original value of your car get the maximum value preservation.

Technology level identification method

The dents repaired by technicians with poor repair skills can be seen from the front. Depressions or water marks can be seen from the side.

The depression repaired by ordinary technicians can't see any problems from the front. From the side, we can see slow depressions or water marks by moving our head back.

The dents repaired by technicians with good automobile dent repair technology can't see the problem from any angle, such as the front and side.

Note: the highest level of automobile depression repair technology is the repaired depression. In addition to no problems, the repaired place is the same as the original paint pattern arrangement and size. This is the highest level of automobile depression repair technology!

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