Paintless Repair of Automobile Depression

 Depression repair was first invented by Germany. Many vehicle manufacturers have used similar technologies to repair damaged vehicles during factory inspection. Bumping is inevitable in the process of using the car, and the depression repair. Through a series of professional crowbars and suction and extraction tools, skilled technicians can repair the depression on the body surface as before in only one or two hours. There is no trace. This technology is more and more welcomed by the majority of car owners with the advantages of short time and low cost

However, the automobile dent repair technology is not omnipotent. It is limited to the parts without paint damage. Vehicles made of iron and aluminum can be repaired. Now, in order to save costs, some auto manufacturers replace iron and aluminum with hard plastic. Then there's nothing this technology can do.

Let's take a look at how to operate the process.

This technology also greatly shortens the repair time (a depression repair takes about 20-40 minutes) and greatly reduces the cost (only about 50% of the traditional body metal and paint). Moreover, the sunken part repaired by this technology will never deform and fade, completely making the vehicle show its original style again. The paint dent repair technology can indeed partially restore the original state, quickly repair the dent, and save the trouble of insurance and the large cost of sheet metal. It is really good news for the majority of car owners, but since it can only repair the dent, it is impossible to repair the damaged paint

Post time: Jan-06-2022