POPS A DENT, DIY Dent and Ding Removal Kit.

POPS A DENT, DIY Dent and Ding Removal Kit. refers to repairing the depression on the car surface with professional tools without damaging the original car paint.



With the help of the lever principle, the depression on the vehicle surface is repaired by the outward traction of the traction gasket.



The dents / dents on the vehicle surface shall be repaired on the premise that the original vehicle paint is not damaged.


Operation Steps

It only takes a few simple steps to repair the dent of the car. Please refer to the text description below.

1. Insert the hot-melt glue rod from the back of the glue gun, and pull the trigger several times to let the glue rod enter completely.

2. Insert the glue gun into the power socket, preheat for 3-5 minutes, and let the hot melt glue melt completely.

3. Select the appropriate traction gasket according to the diameter of the dent, pull the trigger of the glue gun, and coat the traction gasket with molten glue.

4. Align the traction gasket coated with hot melt adhesive with the center of the depression and press it gently by hand.

5. After 3-5 minutes, align the center hole of the tension bridge with the shaft of the traction gasket and sleeve it.

6. Screw the screw knob onto the screw shaft of the traction gasket and tighten it slowly until the concave part is repaired.

7. If the dent repair is not ideal, repeat the above steps until the dent is repaired completely.

8. If the diameter of the depression is relatively large, it can be repaired from the periphery of the depression, and the repair steps can be repeated clockwise until it is repaired to the center of the depression.


Matters Needing Attention

1. Please do not touch the head of the glue gun and the molten hot melt glue with your hands to avoid scalding.

2. If the paint in the depression is chapped or peeled off, please do not use this tool to repair it.



1. The operation is very simple, and basically everyone can operate it. Saving time, labor and money is the key.

2. It will not damage the paint and car body.



DIY automobile dent repair device can only repair the paint surface of the automobile without damage, and the part of the dent should be close to the plane. It is difficult to repair the depression on the reinforcement (or narrow uplift line) in this way; The dents with damaged paint are not suitable for this repair method, and should be repaired in the auto repair shop.

BT20001-2 Paintless Dent Repair Tools Dent Tool Kit Auto Repair Tool Set

The repair of door depression can save us money and time, but not all depressions can be repaired. As long as the paint does not fall off and the depth of the depression is not very deep, the depression is still easier to do. If the depression is located near the wheel eyebrow, corner and ab column, the repair difficulty will increase a lot.


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