Three Professional Methods Of Traceless Repair Of Automobile Depression

During the use of the vehicle, the pit caused by vehicle scraping and the depression caused by hail and falling objects cannot be avoided on the body surface. The traditional body and paint repair method not only destroys the original car paint, but also takes time and effort, and the repair cost is high. At the same time, the waste gas and paint produced in the body and paint process will also cause environmental pollution. So is there a better way to fix it? This problem can be effectively solved by traceless repair technology of automobile depression. Compared with the body and paint technology, the traceless repair technology of automobile dents has an obvious advantage that it can repair automobile dents while retaining the original car paint! Next, we'd like to share with you three professional methods for car dent traceless repair without body and paint.

Method 1. Suction and Extraction Method
The operation steps of automobile depression repair by suction and extraction method are as follows:
1. Clean the damaged concave part of the car with a clean wet towel;
2. Put the hot-melt glue rod into the hot-melt glue gun from the back, pull the trigger, let the glue rod enter the glue gun, plug in the power supply, power on and preheat for 3 to 5 minutes, so that the hot-melt glue melts from solid to liquid.
3. Select a suitable suction gasket (large suction gasket is required for large depression. The larger the suction gasket is, the greater the suction force will be), pull the trigger of the glue gun, and evenly coat the gasket with molten glue with an electric glue gun.
4. Fix the pull-out gasket: quickly stick the pull-out gasket coated with hot-melt adhesive to the center of the concave surface, gently press it tightly until the hot-melt adhesive solidifies and sticks firmly.
5. Pull out the pit: when the colloid does not stick to your hand, connect the extractor with the suction gasket, hold the suction hammer of the extractor with your left hand, hold the handle of the extractor and pull it out.
6. Remove the solidified hot melt adhesive: spray the adhesive remover on the vehicle paint surface with residual adhesive, then scrape it with a scraper and wipe it with a dry towel.
7. Some depressions may need to repeat the above steps several times. If there are slight protrusions at the suction place, it is necessary to tap gently with a rubber hammer and leveling pen until the depressed part is pulled flush with the surrounding surface, so as to restore the vehicle to its original state.


Method 2. Push Method
The pushing method, as its name suggests, is to use special tools in the repair process and use the pushing action to restore the depression as before. It is mainly used to push the concave steel plate outward from the inside to the outside, and then knock the external concave edge and convex part with a rubber hammer and leveling pen. It mainly relies on knocking around the concave to disperse the stress at the concave edges and corners, so as to achieve the purpose of overall repair. This technique must be delicate and patient, and fine-tuning bit by bit is the key, Otherwise, frequent and large-scale actions will destroy the original stress and toughness of the steel plate, and even cause greater body damage.
There is no fixed mode and sequence in the repair process. The repair of the concave part of single-layer steel plate can be completed with only a hanging chain and large tools. The concave part of double-layer steel plate can be repaired by original hole, scraping adhesive or drilling. The basic process is: confirm the depression position → determine the position and angle of the repair lamp → select appropriate tools according to the depression → determine the fulcrum during repair → general repair → fine adjustment of details → change the angle to inspect and repair until it is satisfactory.


Method 3. Electromagnetic Repair
Electromagnetic repair is to repair the depression of automobile body without moving the original paint. It adopts electromagnetic heating technology, uses the principles of mechanics, thermodynamics and optics to repair, quickly heats the surrounding of the depression, automatically restores the depression through the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction, and uses the visual effect of light refraction to judge the position and degree of the depression. The principle of electromagnetic pulse is used to carry out electromagnetic suction without bonding through mechanical repair. When heated, the special repair head is used to operate around the depression to release the tension, and the depression part pops up naturally, so as to achieve the effect of no broken ring and no trace repair.
Electromagnetic method is easy to learn, but the operation of non experienced automobile dent repair technicians may damage the automobile paint. The technology is in the beta test stage and is in the high test stage. At present, it can only repair slight dents.
The above are the three professional methods for car dent traceless repair without body and paint introduced by reliable car repair and maintenance network. Using the above methods to repair car pits has the advantages of simple process, high efficiency, strong operability, low repair cost, energy conservation and environmental protection, and will not cause secondary pollution. It will not scratch the original car paint. Under the condition of maintaining the original car paint, the pits on the car surface will be restored as new, so as to achieve the effect of perfect repair. ​​​​

Post time: Nov-30-2021