9pcs Blind Hole Bearing Puller Set

Item No.:BT9061

Inner Internal Bearing Puller Remover

Slide Hammer Set 8-32mm 9pc Blind Hole

Package Includes:

* 9pcs internal bearing remover with slide hammer

* Storage carrying case

Product Detail

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* Professional tool for commercial or occasional use.
* Ideal for pulling out brushes and needle roller bearings out of blind holes.
* This split collet type internal puller is suitable for extracting bearings from blind housings.
* Drop forged, heat treated steel attachments
*Removes gears, pulleys and steering wheels
* Separates ball bearings


Perfect for pulling jobs requiring an internal pull, such as pilot bearings or internal sleeves
Includes eight expandable collets, suitable for sizes from 8mm to 32mm
Designed to expand against the inner race of the bearing or bushing sleeve
Pulls out the bearing evenly without damaging the part’s housing
Heat treated precision machined steel bolts
Black finish and chrome plated for durability
Simple to use as expands against the inner part of the bearing.
Pulls out the bearing evenly without damaging the parts.
Comes in a blow molded case for easy storage and transportation

Set Includes The Following

 3 Lb Slide hammer with T handle
 Slide hammer shaft 390mm / Hammer weight 2.15 Lb
 8mm - 10mm (5/16" - 13/32")
 10mm - 12mm (13/32" - 15/32")
 12mm - 14mm (15/32" - 9/19")
 15mm - 17mm (9/32" - 11/16")
 20mm - 24mm (25/32" - 15/16")
 25mm - 29mm (1" - 1-1/8")
 30mm - 32mm (1-3/16" - 1-1/4")

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