9pcs Mini Bearing Separator Set

Item No.:BT9023C

*Set containing bearing separator,yoke and extensions also for removing samll gears,wheels and fittings from shafts.


Separator Φ15-58mm,jaw 50mm(x2)

Thrust screw,extension rod 45mm(x2)

Extension 34mm(x2),cross Beam

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* Bearing Separator 30-50mm and 50 to 75mm
* Pull out the bearing with the H-Type beam and bolts
* Compact set containing bearing separator, yoke and extensions.
* Chrome Vanadium components ensure long life.
* Also suitable for removing small gears, wheels and fittings from shafts


USEFUL BEARING SPLITTERS:   Two of the most widely used and common bearing splitters (2 inches and 3 inch), helping the mechanic successfully complete a whole range of jobs.
VARIOUS PULLING JOBS:   Shankly’s pulling kit features a bar puller and legs that are perfect solutions to complete pulling jobs safely and successfully.
COMPLETE SET:   Shankly’s bearing separator set comes with four sets of hex push puller legs and a bar type puller head with forcing screw, giving the user options to deal with various pulling jobs.
VERSATILE:   This bearing puller kit can be used separately or in combination with other pullers and tools, making this tool valuable for beginners and professionals alike
DURABLE AND STRONG:   Created from rugged drop forged construction and heat treated to withstand difficult and rugged jobs, making this a bearing puller set a long lasting and reliable tool.

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