Auto Repair Tool Wheel Bearing Removal Kit (BA3)

Item No.:BT9056

*Intended to replace front and rear wheel bearing for BA3 of 8th and 10th of Lada Samara,Kalina,Priora,Granta,Largus,as well as the REnault logan.

*Allows to replace wheel bearing without dismantling suspension towers

*Adapter size:


Product Detail

Product Tags

Durable and Versatile Use

Removes and installs wheel bearings on front-wheel drive vehicles
Eliminates the need for a front end alignment
Reduces the damage done to the hub and bearings
Designed for use while steering knuckle and strut assembly still on the vehicle


Durable adapters made of steel with heavy duty plastic case.
Replace wheel bearings while keeping the steering knuckle and strut assembled in tact on the vehicle
No more need for front end alignment after service work
Packaged in a custom case for easy storage and transportation
For front wheel drive cars and small trucks

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