4PCS Adjustable Handle Hook Kit

Item No.: BT181030   

Using fit constructed rods to perform repair work based on the size of the actual dent or bend.

Just push up the dent or bend from inside.Easy to operate, suitable for use by anyone.

TIP: You can repeat the operation to remove the dents according to the size of the actual dent or bend.

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4pcs hook set-Aluminum alloy handle, adjust 360 degree






1.Carton box.

2.According to your request

How to use 4PCS Adjustable Handle Hook Kit:

1.First detect the deformation using a light reflector. This process will help you identify the metal orientation correctly and promote the repair.


2. Then, using a metal rod, it is recommended to select a tip shape suitable for most people and move the dent from the inside or under the panel. Hooks of different shapes and lengths can be selected according to the depth of different dents to complete the repair work.

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