86pcs Spot Welding Gun Kit

Item No.:BT20021H-86

Slide hammer, Material: carbon steel, chrome plated surface.

The repair machine gun is made of nylon, the welding head and all kinds of chucks are made of pure copper, and the corrugated chains, triangles, OT pieces and discs are made of sheet metal + copper plating

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86pcs Spot Welding Gun Kit Include

1pc spot welding gun

3pcs switchs of gun

1pc slide hammer

1pc Multi jaw hammer

1pc welding head

1pc graphite rod holder

1pc puller hook

1pc round tab jaw head

10pcs Sheet metal welding  wire

50pcs OT tabs

10pcs Star tabs

1pc star holder of pull tab

5pcs carbon rod

Explosion Drawings

BT20021H-86 86pcs Spot Welding Gun Kit -2
Packing box/cm Gross weight/set KGS
32.5*21*7 4.18


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