Threading Repair Tool Solid Thread Inserts

Item No.:BT9000 X

*These solid stainless steel inserts are to use in conjuction with our item BT1346,BT1347 and BT90006


Item No. Length Spec. Purpose
BT90007 12mm M8X1.0 Glow plug
BT90008 12mm M9X1.0 Glow plug
BT90009 12mm M10X1.25 Glow plug
BT90010 12mm M10X1.0 Glow plug
BT90011 19mm M10X1.0 Glow plug
BT90012 12mm M12X1.25 Glow plug
BT90013 19mm M12X1.25 Glow plug
BT90014 26mm M12X1.25 Glow plug
BT90015 11.2mm M14X1.25 Spark plug
BT90016 12.7mm M14X1.25 Spark plug
BT90017 17.5mm M14X1.25 Spark plug

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